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Need Help?

I'm new to Rutgers and can't get my NetID working...
If you are having any difficulties with your NetID, or need assistance acquiring one, contact the help desk on your Rutgers campus for personal assistance.

Can't get your NetID to work? Don't remember your NetID?
Contact your campus help desk for assistance...

What is this website?
The findTech Connections website is a conglomeration of resources designed to assist the Rutgers community in their purchase of technology. The major vendors of computer technology at Rutgers are represented here through their online stores, as well as facilities and services operated by the University itself, such as University Computer Repair and the Software portal.

I'm lost...
You were looking at the home page for findTech Connections just before clicking "Need Help?. From the home page you may click to investigate resources for personal purchases of technology, or those for making purchases for the institution itself.

The left menu options should remain constant while you are on either side of findTech. The general categories of menus represent the bulk of resources available to you for the purpose you are pursuing. Announcements on these same pages also pertain to individuals or the institution, depending on your direction from here. Options may appear on the right margin below the Google search, but they are specific to whatever page you are viewing at that moment.

The Google search in the right margin currently scans all of the public findTech resources. So you need to be careful when exploring its results that you are still looking at resources for personal or institutional resources.

Once you select either "personal purchases" or "institutional purchases" you can click on "Need Help?" again for specifics on how to buy for yourself or Rutgers.

Thanks for visiting!

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